Settling into California!

6:42 PM

So here we are in California!

Since the festival here is one of the most expensive to work in the country (the festival has said that it is allowing absolutely no camping this year no matter what), we have worked a lot to try and find some affordable living accomodations.

Fortunately, faire friends come through! Hanna put us in touch with a lovely family living in Riverside, CA, about an hour's drive from the  festival. The married couple along with one sister and their SIX BOYS graciously have allowed us to park in their driveway on their 2.5 acre ranch house. We ran an extension cord to an outlet, hooked up our hoses to a spigot on the outside and BAM! Condotron is ready to deploy!

All set up in Riverside, CA!

We even bought a few extra sewer hoses to connect to each other and can reach the septic tank on the property, meaning that water disposal is not only possible, but terribly convenient! I can't tell you how happy we are to have found such a great setup, surely the Rennie Deities are looking out for us.

In addition to their many kids, they also have 11 dogs, 13 cats, goats, chickens and pigs! Needless to say, Finnegan is having the time of his life here. He loves all of the boys and they love him. He even is having a great time meeting the other animals. He chases around the pens of the goats and pigs; he even bumps heads with the goats and sniffs noses with the pigs, what a brave boy!

 Days have settled down a bit now that we are leveled out (thanks to a lot of scrapwood) and the RV is cleaned up. The property is about a 15-20 min drive from everything, including the gym! Once again, lucky us.

We have a fairly regular schedule here at home. We exercise Finn as much as we can,  go to the gym, cook at home and most days around 5pm, I go inside to play Halo with the boys. My randomly assigned profile name the very first time was Pickles and it's kind of stuck. I now have my own profile under Pickles and enjoy getting regularly pwned by children a fraction of my age.

The trip isn't without its bumps however! Within a couple days of us arriving, my phone developed a crack from the INSIDE of the screen and ceased to function and my computer's logic board failed. Both were repaired, although I'm still waiting on the computer  to return.

In the meantime, we are enjoying our California setup and are using the extra time to ourselves to continue to work on the Rennie-vation of Condotron. More updates on that in a future post.

The Rennie-vation is coming along nicely!
Pictures will be added to this post as soon as my computer gets fixed. In the meantime, time to soak in a bit of this California beauty and play with the animals (and maybe some Halo too....)

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  1. What a lot of creative work, Alleigh and Grayson! The recovered valances are SO much more attractive. The carpet looks VERY revived in its new color and seems as if the work was difficult, but the result quite worth it. And it won't show muddy puppy paws as much either. Sorry Tead and I didn't get to see it in person. Can't wait to see what else you two come up with. I've enjoyed reading all of your adventures. Thank you so much for including me.


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