On to the next adventure!

9:03 PM

Time to wrap up our California adventure!

Farewell Caifornia!
We've had great weekends at the festival, sales were great, it was great to see Bristol friends there, the Schroeder family is amazing, and Finnegan has had a blast playing with all his puppy friends here.

We now look forward to driving cross country to Bristol, but it won't be that easy....

Our schedule looks as such:

Drive to Bristol (May 22-31st)
          -Stop off at my sister's place in Colorado
          -Stop off at my family's in Edwardsville, IL
          -Overshoot Chicago, drop RV off with friends who are parking it for a month
          -Park my kitties at the cat sitter (the amazing Stacy)
          -Move some stuff into the Leon house in Wilmette, where we stay for a few days
          -Get ready for Germany

GERMANY TRIP! (May 31st-June 9th)
         -Fly direct Chicago to Berlin
         -Tour Berlin before going to Vienna
         -Stay in Vienna for a few days, seeing a metal concert (headlining Rammstein, Slayer,   Anthrax, Baby Metal and more!)
         -Visit Augsburg and the Korger family, whom we work for during the Christkindlmarket
         -Fly back reluctantly

Move into Chicago (June 9th-whenever!)
         -Get back from Germany and move into our new apartment we sublet during the run of Bristol
         -Collect all animals and move them in
         -Alleigh starts her class at DePaul
         -I start Ubering and piano gigs to start some week work!

Sounds like a lot huh? Yeah, it's got us pretty stressed out too. But we know we can get it all done :)

There will be plenty of pictures from the next couple weeks for sure. Many many more adventures to come for these road rennies!

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