The Great Condotron-Camping-Clusterf***

9:14 AM

Forgive me, friends. All of this misadventure-y nonsense actually occurred last week (January 31st - February 2nd) and I, being so deliriously overwhelmed with the chaos of week one AAAAAAND getting used to not having a regular wifi connection, have been woefully neglecting the Chronicles of our dear Condotron.

Fear not... Here's a quick update ;)

I feel like the safest thing to assume when embarking on an adventure like this is "anything that can go wrong, WILL go wrong." Thankfully however, the trip thus far has only encountered a few snafus.

A miscommunication resulted in a lot of confusion regarding our campsite. Our arrival to the festival site was met by the unpleasant realization that they had not set aside a camping spot for Condotron. What should have been covered by Grayson's entertainment contract fell through the cracks, and we found ourselves dry-camping (without power or water) in the parking lot. This wouldn't be a big deal... except the office couldn't issue us passes. The Arizona Renaissance Festival has 24/7 security and you can't get on site without a pass. With an understocked fridge, no water hookup, and stir-crazinessential slowly consuming me, I'm sure you can visualize the problem. 

In a nutshell, the first night I was a neurotic mess, fearful if I left site that I wouldn't be able to return until the office reopened. But alas the parking gods were with us, and the next day the office found us a camp spot.

Even better, we're close to the shower houses, and right next to Grayson's awesome show partner, Darlene!

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Where are we now?

Where are we now?