Coming Together!

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The organization of the RV is coming together slowly but surely! Being busy with rehearsals, helping paint friend's booths and assembling jewelry for the weekend, we didn't have too much time to get the RV as squared away as we had initially hoped. In the meantime, as we make progress, here are updates about innovations in organization we are making and ways to turn unused areas into functional storage.

Probably our biggest challenge was organizing where all the pet stuff would go. With 3 cats, we knew we would need 2 litterboxes. Fortunately, there's 2 seats up front that, when we aren't driving, the footspace is totally unused. The chairs themselves swivel around and thus can be used for sitting, as a surface, or just a kitty nap locale...

We even added a coat hook rack to maximize this area's use!

 We set up the HEPA filter (Alleigh has some allergies to the animals and it's good to try and just keep dander and dust down anyway) and I purchased a Wallflower from Bath and Body Works to keep the RV smelling clean and fresh. It's doing a great job!
There's even room for the crate...
 Alleigh had a fantastic idea for a storage solution. We took an over-the-door shoe organizing rack ($8 at Menards), cut it below the seam of each level, and ended up with about 8 4-pocket organizers! We then used either zip ties or Command strips to affix them to unused towel racks and the paneling at the foot of the bed. Boom, instant multiplication of storage!
Handy storage solution
 We did something similar in the bathroom. Using a craft organizer from Jo-Ann's, we hooked that onto a single over-the-door coat hook I already owned. This added a whole of of storage in an unused place.
These are a lifesaver
By using these different storage methods, we are really making huge progress in getting everything stored away and in a permanent location. Sometimes it gets stressful, it seems like everything isn't going to fit. We usually just take a break and come back to it later. With fresh eyes, we are then able to use space creatively and find new and useful locations for everything!

More to come as it continues to come together!

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